Teaching Your Child To Tell The Time

Learning how to tell the time is an important aspect of early childhood education that parents should undertake, before their kids start school.  Here are some simple but effective ideas for teaching your youngster how to tell the time. Before your child begins learning how to tell the time, use fun games that will give your child an idea of what different measurements of time equate to.  For example, ask the child to complete an easy puzzle within five minutes, or perhaps challenge them to skip with you for two minutes.  Telling the time A really useful tool for teaching time-telling is a jigsaw clock.  As the child completes the simple jigsaw, they will learn where each number should fit.  When the hands are fitted to the completed jigsaw, you can show the child how they move around the clock and explain the difference between the minute and hour hands. Start by explaining that the long hand indicates minutes, whereas the short hand relates to hours.  Next, explain that there are 12 five minute blocks on the face of the Continue Reading →

Four Things Beginners Should Know When Enrolling in a Truck Driver School

Truck drivers form an integral part of the shipping trade because they transport raw materials and goods to distribution centers, retail outlets, and warehouses. If you love cruising on the open road and need a steady source of income, then truck driving should work for you. Truck drivers have a responsibility to other drivers on highways, pedestrians and the company they work for to drive in a safe and responsible manner. To become a skilled truck driver, you will need to enroll and pass the test at a truck driving school. Here are a few tips to succeed in a truck driving school. Assess Your Expectations – When you enroll in a truck driving school, you should know the challenges that await you. You should expect to do a lot of reading and learn the basic truck inspect and mechanics. Ultimately, with a proper mindset and determination, you will learn how to drive a five tonne monster like a pro. Your commitment and attitude to learning will determine if you will pass or fail the final driving test to get Continue Reading →

Understanding Your Employer’s Responsibility during General Induction at a Construction Site

Occupational health and safety is an important aspect in many workplaces, especially construction sites. In spite of the preparation that you have done in a learning institution, you need some induction in the field so that you are competent enough to handle different construction projects in the field. During induction, you will be exposed to real-life work scenarios involving construction procedures and machinery used at work. It also comes with the risks and challenges associated with construction work. This is why your employer has a crucial role in ensuring your successful induction at the workplace. If you are undertaking an induction program for the first time, here are some of the duties that your employer has: Controlling Occupational Risk Your employer is responsible for eliminating or reducing the adversity of things that pose a danger to your safety and health at the workplace. In cases where the risk element cannot be practically eliminated, your employer should take necessary steps by substituting, isolating or using engineering controls that lower the risks involved. For them to institute these methods, your employer can Continue Reading →