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Choosing a path in the arts

It's a bit of a myth that great artists are born great. Great artists need support and development by great teachers. I am really passionate about arts education, as I think it can be too easy for people to just look at the end result and forget all of the practise and training that goes into producing a great artist. This blog is all about demystifying arts education and showing how anyone can become a better artist. It will be useful for budding artists, but also for teachers and parents looking to inspire teenagers into further art education to improve their skills.

Choosing a path in the arts

3 Steps to Help You Write Better Papers That Also Help You Learn Better Writing Skills

by Dylan Olson

There are lots of shortcuts to earning a better grade on your paper, but many students want to get better at writing for their career. Here are some ways to improve your grades that will also help in the workplace. 

Online spelling and grammar tools

If you find it hard to remember where to place a comma or find your writing is regularly dinged on grammatical errors it can be useful to run your work through an online spelling and grammar checker. These tools help highlight where you make errors and give you the correct option, which can help to teach you the less obvious rules of grammar. These tend to be more effective than the automatic spelling checkers in common word processing programs and can also be used in browser windows and email programs so that all your communication meets appropriate grammar and spelling levels. 

Plagiarism and referencing tools

Another issue that can lead to big penalties on your grammar papers is plagiarism or poorly quoting sources. Try using an online endnote or footnoting tool to keep a track of the references that you are using and ensure that they are in the right format. Plagiarism tools can also help to highlight sections of the text that need further rewriting to distance them from the original source. You may find that your education institution automatically runs your papers through one of these tools, and offers students a chance to check their papers before submission. 


If you have been working on your paper for a long time it can be hard to pick up errors and confusing sentences as it all seem perfectly logical to you. Try buddying up to a classmate or friend and asking them to read your paper in return for proofreading something for them. You can highlight sections in each other's papers that need more work. 

If you don't have a friend or classmate that can help you out you can head online and try one of the paid proofreading services. These services can look over your paper and offer hints on how to strengthen the paper. The readers are often academics in the field and very experienced in reading academic papers.

If you are looking to improve the grades on your papers as well as improving your writing skills it can be useful to head online and check out some of the great online resources to help you write better papers. For more information, contact a business such as Knox Weil.