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Choosing a path in the arts

It's a bit of a myth that great artists are born great. Great artists need support and development by great teachers. I am really passionate about arts education, as I think it can be too easy for people to just look at the end result and forget all of the practise and training that goes into producing a great artist. This blog is all about demystifying arts education and showing how anyone can become a better artist. It will be useful for budding artists, but also for teachers and parents looking to inspire teenagers into further art education to improve their skills.

Choosing a path in the arts

    Preventing Fall Injuries: 3 Safety Rules Every Truck Driver Should Follow

    A heavy vehicle licence training will provide you with a lot of helpful information on how to safely operate a truck. People often consider the risk of a collision between a truck and other vehicles, but truck drivers can also hurt themselves in simpler ways. Falls from trucks are surprisingly common, and injuries like ankle and knee sprains and lower arm fractures following a fall could see you unable to work for some time.

    Compare the structure of schooling in Australia and the United States

    The United States of America and Australia have formal schooling structures that have some similarities and some differences. One of the main distinctions between the two countries is the timing of the academic year to accommodate the different time of summer in the two hemispheres. In both countries, a longer summer holiday / vacation marks the end of the academic year. The school calendar In the USA, the school year runs from August or September to May or June.

    4 Advantages of Poured Concrete Countertops for a Home

    When you're ready to have new countertops installed in your kitchen and bathroom, you may not have thought about choosing poured concrete. Many homeowners assume concrete is dull and grey and would make the inside of their home look very industrial and drab, but this just isn't the case. There are some very good reasons why poured concrete is becoming a popular choice for home countertops, and its appearance is one reason.